Local Specialty Cola of Japan!

Local specialty food is one of factors we look forward when we travel out of our town. Some major specialty food from other regions can be purchased in your local department stores, but the majority is only available locally. Out of those all specialty food, I would like to write about specialty cola today.

When you say cola, you will instantly come up with one of major beverage companies. But there are some regions in Japan where they unique local cola are being produced.

Shizuoka Cola from Shizuoka Prefecture.


shizuoka cola

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Shizuoka is famous for green tea, and of course, this cola contains green tea. It seems it has sweetness/ bitterness as well as scent of both cola and green tea. Sounds unique, isn’t it?? I haven’t tried this yet, but it seems it tastes pretty unique.

Unique cola introduced in an article includes ‘Salt cola of Soya’ from Hokkaido with local specialty salt; ‘Olive Cola’ from Kagawa with its specialty olive (!!?); ‘Miyajima Cola’ from Miyajima with cherry blossom colouring; ‘Ie Soda’ from Ie Island of Okinawa with specialty brown sugar.

I’m sure there are more and more local specialty cola in Japan, but it seems all tends to use specialty ingredients of the region. I can even imagine if I want some ingredients in cola, but as cola has strong flavour itself, it seems it is not very easy to develop one to bring beautiful harmony between cola flavour and specialty ingredients. For example, green tea flavoured cola developer particularly struggled to find the best proportion of green tea and cola because green tea does not have very strong flavour compared to cola. So when you visit Japan, please try local specialty cola of the area if there is any, and feel the love of the developer to the region and specialty ingredients  😛


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Please let me know if you have unique cola in your area, too^^


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