Danbocchi: The Perfect Place to Get Loud

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As you may know, the housing situation in Japan (especially in urban areas) is a difficult one. There are too many houses and buildings within a limited amount of space. And it’s very difficult in such close quarters to listen to your favorite music at a loud volume or even to practice musical instruments to your heart’s. Most people living in Japan have probably wanted a soundproof chamber at home, but even a small one is too big for regular Japanese rooms, and constructing one is way too expensive (>_<)!

However, I found a dream product named “Danbocchi” that will solve these problems all. Danbocchi is a very simple soundproof box made with cardboard. There are two sizes: 1) 146cm high >> for sitting use/¥59,800(US$584), 2) 210cm high >> for standing use/¥79,800(US$779). Although it was originally marketed to those who enjoy “karaoke” at home, Danbocci has become widely popular because anybody can easily create a very private area in a limited living-space at reasonable price.

Danbocchi is lightweight but high quality, so you don’t have to worry about sound leaking. Even when you enjoy karaoke in Danbocchi, people outside the box can only hear a regular conversation level of sound. The walls of Danbocchi are just simple cardboard and might be a bit plain, so it would definitely be fun to decorate them with cute wallpaper you like 🙂


Source: Youpouch


Author: Junko


This is JAPAN Style!