An End to Lonely Meals

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People living alone mostly cook alone and eat by themselves. They sometimes may eat out, but not for every meal. If they really enjoy being alone, it’s fine. But most people sometimes want to have someone who cooks for them and enjoys the meal with them.

A driving service company has started a unique business this month. They send helpers who go grocery shopping, deliver to clients’ homes, cook there, eat meals with clients, and then do the dishes and clean up. Shopping and cooking services are not very new. The most unique part of this service is that clients can enjoy the meal itself and the conversation that goes with it!  Those helpers are all skilled cooks and good talkers/listeners.

This service is ideal for elderly people who have lost a spouse, people who are very busy but want to enjoy meal at home, those working away from their family, and maybe for parties as well (you don’t have to be alone to have this service ^^;).

The service is only active in Tokyo so far. The fee is ¥8,000 (US$99) / 3hrs. excluding food expense. Do you think it’s expensive, or not? 🙂


Source: Excite News


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