Train Freaks -Tetsudo Otaku-


I have written about “train freak” girls called tetsuko before.  It seems there are more than twenty categories of train freaks (tetsudo otaku) nowadays! Each one has his or her special field of interest. Major categories of train otaku are as follows:


Nori-tetsu: Train fans who enjoy boarding and traveling

Tori-tetsu: Those who enjoy taking photos of trains

Oto-tetsu: Those who enjoy recording the sound of trains

Ekiben-tetsu: Those who enjoy “railway boxed meals”


I’m not a train otaku, so I’d rather enjoy everything at the same time (^^;)


"tsukikageyuu" some rights reserved. flickr


But the train boom comes with serious problems as well. For most of part, train otaku are harmless. However, they sometimes become too enthusiastic and give other regular passengers trouble. Those over-enthusiastic fans often sneak onto the railway tracks to take photos or record sounds, and many accidents occur.


"gyazickr" some rights reserved. flickr

This caution sign above says
“Don’t use camera tripods or stepladders to take photos of trains from the platform.”


This is a video of a very dangerous scene. There are so many people on the platform, and the throng of people sways dangerously from right to left and back again!




Hopefully, the train otaku will learn to enjoy trains without putting themselves in danger!



This is JAPAN Style!



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