3 in 4 wives Took Little Revenge on Their Hubby? What can be the Trigger…??

Today, I would like to introduce an article about little secretive Japanese married couples.




There is a lovely term to describe married couple, “lovebird couple”, but you cannot forget the fact that married couples once a complete strangers each other.  So, tiny little careless words could possibly cause massive endless fight…  I found an interesting article, which shows picture of recent Japanese married couples.

Targeting 1000 married female aged from 20-40, this article studied about little battle between Japanese couples and petite revenge taken by wives.

Uh, the word, “revenge” is already sounding pretty scary, isn’t it…? (- -;)

As a result of survey, it is revealed that 3 in 4 Japanese wives once took a revenge on their husband right after deadly quarrel… (;´-`)

Typical revenge indicated in the article include giving up talking/house work and spending money.  And average spending of wives as a revenge seems to be around 95,000 yen (US$1,190)/day – Wait a minute, does this mean it may continue more than a day?? (- -;)-, and when it comes to 40s, some revenge shoppig may reach surprising 220,000 yen (US$2,760)/day Σ(゚д゚|||)

Well, something costs as much as 90,000 yen can be… brand bags or something…?  But this is a part of revenge, isn’t it?  Do they spend their pocket money? …or they are actually using their husband’s secret pocket money as revenge…? ;゚∀゚)

But what was the actual trigger to let wives take revenge to their husband, you think…??

According to the article, some words of husbands, which triggered anger of wives are pretty painful to listen as follows…; nasty comments on food wives prepared (‘Is this what you’ve got from the supermarket?  Whoever the cook is, the person has to be laid off, haha!’, or ‘ There is nothing I want to eat…’, etc… Ouch!); words to deny the way wives are now (‘She used to be hot’, ‘LOOSE WEIGHT now’ or ‘Marridge is like a hell.  I would never ever get married if I reborn again!’  Serious?? w(・o・;)w) …

Well, some husband probably just said that because they were a bit too tired and couldn’t help being angry, but when you think about it carefully, these are pretty harsh (well, they are harsh enough even if you don’t think carefully…) … There is definitely a line husband and wife couldn’t cross to keep healthy relationship, so think twice before saying something as both has to be careful anyway…


What do you think about today’s article?

Please let us know about relationship of married couple in your countries, too.


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