Business Man is also Welcome? New Farm Management Schools

Today, I found an interesting article about a brand new school in Japan.

It seems more and more business men are considering making a living in agriculture recently.  If you are not from farming background, it sounds pretty hard to find a work in the sector, but there will be a new type of farming school available for those who has not previous farming related experience soon.


japanese rice field

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The farm management school, which will be open from April 2013, widely welcome people who are aged under 40 and is graduated from high school or equivalent institution.  Students will be studying at the boarding school for 2 years with 20 colleagues.  So it is indeed a small sized school 🙂

But what sort of school this can be?

In the article, school official explains that the school is focused on diversified consumers’ need, which has been changing dramatically in the past few decades.  In order to support and strengthen Japanese agriculture, the school aims to train future farming managers.  So, basically, the school believes that not only producing very best vegetables and fruits, having good sales strategy and marketing skills is also very important to have more opportunity to send your products to consumers!


japanese rice field

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Well, sounds like those who have built up their knowledge in sales strategy and marketing can be a very good candidate, aren’t they?

According to the article, this is absolutely right even if theydon’t have any previous experience in famring; the school offers a half year to one year worth of hands-on farming training.  So, you are always welcome as long as you are determined to work in agricultural sector, and complete your study in 2 years.

FYI, the contents of the course include learning under farm managers with advanced knowledge and training at companies to develop marketing skills.  And available subjects are Agricultural Management, Sociology and Economics etc.

For instructors, there will be executives of food related companies, solicitors, accountants and so on addition to top farmers will be coming to their lectures, and you will be able to join discussion session with them as well 🙂

This sounds pretty interesting, isn’t it?  Of course, farming does need physical strength, so there seems to be an age limit of 40 years old.  But I think it is always good to have such a welcoming atmosphere for young people, so that we can see more and more  young farmers near the future.


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