Fashion Trend Changed after the Quake

Women’s fashion tastes have been changing sine the 3.11 Tohoku earthquake. The sales of low-heel shoes and pants have been increasing rapidly at major department stores in Tokyo. Color trend shifted from colorful to moderate. It seems that the quake has changed people’s fashion consciousness.

On March 11, 2011, due to the quake, the transportations in Tokyo were shut down and about 3 million people couldn’t get home. While many people tried to get home by walking, those who wore high-heel shoes or hard leather shoes had painful time. That is why, not a few people now think wear comfortable shoes in case of emergency.

The shoes women want now are not gym shoes but the ones that are comfortable and suitable for work and date.

At a major department store in Shinjuku, the sales of ballet pumps were up 50%. Ballet pumps are flats or low-heel shoes with round toes.


japanese shoes

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With the quake as a start, people make much account of functional and comfortable items to wear.

Not only practicability, color trend has been changed. At a department store in Ginza, white, beige, sax blue colored, cotton, hemp, and knit items have sold well after the quake. The store had researched international fashion trend, and assumed the trend colors for spring summer 2011 would be red and orange. As a matter of fact, colorful items had sold well before the quake; however, moderate colored items started to sell well right after the quake instead of colorful items.

After the fearful and grievous experience, people want to wear gentle and calm colors whether consciously or unconsciously.


Source: J-cast (Japanese)


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