Mystical Place in Japan, ‘Suspension Bridge of Love’

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Topic for today is about a mystical place in Tokai area, Japan. According to a news website, a place called ‘Suspension Bridge of Love’ has been grabbing hearts of boys and girls in love.

This bridge in Ibigawa, Gifu prefecture was built in 1958 for local residents. The 80 meter-long wooden bridge gradually became famous, and now attracts about 6,000 people a year. It seems an event called ‘Koi Fes 2011’ (or Love Festival 2011 in English) was just held at the area the other day.



So, this is ‘Suspension Bridge of Love’. The place looks very peaceful with many greens 🙂

I didn’t know but this video explains that the bridge appears in an enka song, ‘Kuze Yume Roman‘ (means Kuze romantic dream). At the other side of the bridge, there are a bell of love, uniting jizo statues and heart-shaped emas (or wooden plaques).  These emas are unique in shape and are padlocked.

As this video says that more than 5 people cannot cross this bridge at the same time for safety reasons, it seems it swings considerably even when only one people is crossing.


Well, crossing a metal bridge is scary enough for me when it shakes, so I will be too scared to go over this bridge…(> <;) But such a retrospect bridge and beautiful green river will surely be a piece of lovely memory to share with you love.


Source: excite news


This is JAPAN Style!