Amazing Lego Devices

"sayamindu" some rights reserved. flickr


When I was a child, Lego blocks were just a kind of simple, fun toy for kids. But recently Lego has evolved, and even adults are enjoying building things with Lego bricks. Maybe you have also seen elaborate Lego creations somewhere. Today, I would like to introduce some amazing devices made with Lego bricks 😉


1) Ball collecting system



It looks like a real factory! This amazing device took students of a technology college ten months to make. Some scenes in this video remind me of Japanese “pachinko” game, or the movie “Charlie and Chocolate Factory”.  And it’s a bit funny that this huge and complex system is built in a regular tatami mattress room ;P


2) Ball carriage system



Needless to say, the creation of this device is no small feat. The creator is truly skilled. And what’s more, the person who made this is very very patient, I think. He continues to try again and again until it succeeds. The video says “take 230” at the end. That’s quite amazing (*_*)!


3) Pop-up Kinkaku-ji Temple



This may not be an actual “device”, but I was simply impressed when I found this video! Unbelievably elaborate!! Enjoy 😛


This is JAPAN Style!