Air Sanpai; Virtual Worship at Popular Kyoto Shrines and Temple


As I wrote in the past post, “New Year’s Visit to Shrine Online?”, during the new year holiday, most Japanese visit shrines or temples to pray for health, happiness, safety and so on. And recently, some shrines and temples have started providing the online services.

Today, I would like to share information about another virtual worship website called “Air Sanpai”. This website is quite fun to join. You will feel just like you’re actually walking through the shrines or temple. Luckily it’s free and English subtitles are available! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Let’s enter “Air Sanpai” 😉



First, you have to choose a shrine or temple you want to visit from three varieties; Kiyomizu-Dera (Buddhism temple), Jinushi Jinja (Shinto shirine), and Fushimi Inari Taisha (Shinto shrine). Let’s visit Fushimi Inari Taisha this time.



And also you have a choice, “beginner or professional” in Japanese style worship. If you are familiar with it, click the right red button. And if you are a beginner, click the left one.



You can learn even how to bow correctly. According to Air Sanpai, the proper angle of the bow should be 45 degrees.



When you make a wish (or wishes), a monetary offering is necessary. According to Air Sanpai, “it’s really up to you how much you will pay, but you can’t deny that the more you pay, the cooler you are” LOL.



This is the proper style for your hands when you pray at the shrine.

After praying, you can go to the popular Senbon Torii (literally means “a thousand gates”, actual number is more than 10 thousand) as well. You should check that out, and maybe other shrines and temple too!

Air Sanpai is a fun website, but also a bit stressful to me, in that it doesn’t have the rwd, fwd, pause buttons. And sometimes there is no English description. That’s kind of inconvenient 🙁


Source: Air Sanpai


This is JAPAN Style!