Manga Available on Kindle and iPad



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A Japanese company which provides mobile manga, NTT Solmare, announced that they started releasing manga for Kindle and iPad.



For Kindle, there are four titles and they are all newly written in English.

“Shoes Reflected In a Puddle”

“Always By Your Side”

“Hold Me Always”

“Comic Adventure”


On, each story is priced $0.80 to $1.20.


For iPad, there are three manga including two popular titles, “Salaryman Kintato” and “Eleven”, which both are only Japanese.

The other one “Always By Your Side” is written in English.

NTT Solmare said “the popularity of manga has been rising in the world, and it will be the most attract content in the digital book market.”

The company will add more titles and different languages.



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