Japanese Sumi Drawings Video Art




This is a book of sumi drawings by a Japanese artist, Hidekichi Shigemoto.



Sumi is Japanese ink and usually used to draw Japanese style paintings with such elements as mountains, trees, or fish.

But Hidekichi’s drawing is different; he draws the subjects that had not found in existing sumi-e (sumi drawings), including musicians, black people, and athletes.

Also his strong and dramatic drawing touch is highly appreciated.

Not only Japan, he has exhibited his work in New York and Beijing.


This is a collaboration video made by Hidekichi and Japanese charity music project BEYOND THE BORDER PROJECT.




The video beautifully shows the splash of sumi and the faintness of drawing lines.

To see Hidekichi’s work, visit Hidekichi Shigemoto’s official site !



This is JAPAN Style!


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