Wasabi Stories vol.4: “Child is the Mirror of the Parents”



wasabi stories“Wasabi Stories” is a quotation and summary of a column which touches ones heart or not found on the internet.

It is a Japanese famous person’s story extracted from the NIKKEI news paper.

The purpose in posting the column in JAPAN Style is to cheer you up and to make you feel “it’ was worth reading!”

Wasabi (Japanese horseradish or mustard) is spicy and stimulate your nose and make you teary.

The columns in “Wasabi Stories” hopefully spice your heart and sometimes make you teary!

The stories were originally sent as E-mail Newsletter in Japanese. Some are a little old but we’ll eventually catch up with new ones.


“Child is the Mirror of the Parents”

Today’s story teller is a Japanese actress, [W:Kazue Itoh], who is highly appreciated her acting in Japan, as well as a previous story teller, Saruri Yoshinaga.

Her column was about parenting.

The word her daughter said for the very first time was “Papa”.

The moment Kazue was first called “Mama” was when she stumbled in her room and hit her jaw badly.


“My daughter said “Mama” with a surprised look. It was painful but I was happy.”

Because Kazue had expected that her baby would learn to say “Mama” earlier than “Papa”, she had been wondering why her baby only calls her “Papa”.

She came up with the answer.

Kazue calls her husband “Papa” but he doesn’t call her “Mama”, so the baby didn’t know the word “Mama”.

It also explained her why her daughter couldn’t say “thank you” or “sorry”.

Kazue said those words at work but not so much to her family at home.

Kazue said “As I tried to use “thank you” and “sorry” more at home, my daughter naturally learned to say those words more often. I realized ‘a child is the mirror of the parents.’”

The NIKKEI Jan/27/2009 by Kazue Itoh (actress)

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