Sweet CAT Videos – Sleepy Kittens and Funny Cats

Photo by まーしゃる

If you are stressed or gloomy, these cat videos may soothe you!

These cats are so cute that make you want to cuddle them.

When you watch the videos, click the speech balloon on the right bottom to hide the comments over the pictures.


“Don’t Disturb Me!”

A kitten is sleeping on the owner’s lap comfortably but Lady Gaga’s song wakes him up.


“Lazy Cat”


This male cat named Tora is putting his head on a pillow and lying on his back like a human.



“Uh… Excuse Me….My Dish Bowl’s Empty”

This chubby one is trying to tell the owner that his dish is empty. Look at his “Please feed me” face!


“Cats in a Box”


8 to 9 cats are jam-packed in a plastic box as they warm each other. The bottom one is squashed by like 3 cats LOL.



Aren’t they just fun to watch? Though, the cats in the video don’t even know that they are funny and too cute.


This is JAPAN Style!