How to eat Potato Chips without Grease Your Hand


potato chips


One of the snacks that Japan loves, “potato chips.”

There are so many kinds of potato chips in Japan that I could write an article about, but this time, I want to talk about how to eat them.

When you eat potato chips, you might be doing something like watching TV, reading manga or magazine.

The problem is that your hand gets greasy.



Most of the times when I eat snacks, I am over-time working at my office.

I often eat potato chips but I really felt inconvenience because I have to clean my greasy hand each time when I touch keyboard and mouse.

The good thing is now someone told me an idea to eat chips without grease hand.


Please watch the video below.



That’s right, eat with chopsticks!

Since you can eat chips without greasing your hand, it’s a perfect way while you are using computer!


According to the person who told me the idea, it’s a typical way to eat chips among programmers who use computers for a long time.

Most of the people (non-programmers) I talked about this idea told me “I’ve never heard of such way” or “I didn’t know that”, so I think it’s not a major way to eat chips.


What about in your countries?

I think you can easily get Japanese chopsticks but are there people eat like this?

But there is an opinion from Japanese like this.

“I agree that you don’t get greasy in this way but I don’t want to eat potato chips with chopsticks, because isn’t it more fun to eat chips by grabbing with your hand? I don’t feel like eating chips with chopsticks.”


Well, it has a point too (^_^)


This is JAPAN Style!


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