Wasabi Stories vol.105: “Why do we live?”


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“Why do we live? “

Today’s story teller is an author and professor of literature at Keio University, [W:Anna Ogino].

Having finishing her father’s three months hospitalization, there was a hope for him leaving the hospital; but Ogino herself got sick in bed for a few days, maybe because of exhaustion from being released from anxiety.



She was suffering from insomnia, but it was the first day of school.

She couldn’t make it on time, so she called the school center to tell that she was late.

Meanwhile, her students were told to do their assignment, which was to write on “Why do we live?”.

On the students’ papers, she could see how they were struggling, while one student suggested that the theme had been more appropriate to be “Why do we get late?”


These are some of their answers.

“Life is to keep personality level, dignity, and value; to ascertain one’s existence.”

“I don’t want to die.”

“I want to be happy.”

“Hand down the trace of one’s life to the next life”


One medical student wrote like this.


“That’s the duty of man.”


In fact, it is also Ogino’s opinion, which was built up while she was seeing how her father was doing.

He says he is “OK” even he has difficulty in breathing, and even he can’t eat, he enjoys aroma of flowers.


Ogino’s word

“His whole body was saying ‘Since we were born, we were made to live through our lives.’ I want to tell that to my students next week, preferably without being late…”


The NIKKEI Oct/5/2009 by Anna Ogino (author)



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