Tea Leaves Trade-in Japanese Store

I read an article about unique service provided at a tea shop in Japan.

A Japanese tea specialist shop Chakumi in Kamakura, [W:Kanagawa Prefecture] started “trade- in disuse tea leaves” since this spring.


Japanese tea leaf

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Not only does the store sell various Japanese tea but also manufacture original tea, and won the Best Gold Award of the World Green Tea Contest held by the World Green Tea Association.

They’ve started the service after they got the voices from their costumers saying “I have lots of gift tea at home, which I can’t consume.” “I don’t like the taste of the tea I have.” and “My tea is already expired.”

They take 1 gram = 1 yen as a trade-in and discount the price from their items.

The tea they took is used for aroma at the store.


The store staff said,

“The tea industry has been in depression. Our mission is to tell the goodness of Japanese tea. To do that, we consume disuse tea from households to gain new consumers.”


It’s a good sales idea but also, I think it is good to not waste food, or I should say plant.


This is JAPAN Style!


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