i-SOBOT : Video “World Smallest Robot Uses 100 Weapons”

Certified by Guinness World Record as “The world smallest humanoid robot in production,” i-SOBOT is 16.5cm-tall-robot produced by Takara Tommy.

i-SOBOT won 2008 Robot Award by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry & The Japan Machinery Federation.



The robot packed with over 200 words and phrases, and 200 pre-programmed movements. It operates with remote control, programmable memory, and voice activation.

There are various ways to enjoy the mini pals like playing sports, music, or dancing!

This owner had his i-SOBOT use 100 weapons including bow, bazooka and shuriken. He actually made some of them.

This is a cool video. Check it out!



Which weapon do you like? I thought the first bow and the rubber band gun were amazing because controlling the robot to shoot right must be hard.

Now you want to get i-SOBOT? It is available at Amazon.com (link below). The price is $349.99.



i-SOBOT official website

Amazon.com “i-SOBOT”


This is JAPAN Style!