Wasabi Stories vol.104: “The Power of Beauty”


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“The Power of Beauty”

Today’s story teller is a fashion designer and producer, [W:Kansai Yamamoto].

The story begins with the picture he saw on his staff’s pc at his office in Tokyo; it was about five years ago.

Yamamoto told that his eyes fastened on the picture of a person who was wearing heavenly fancy costume, which has “detailed pattern with a lot of primary colors and leopard pattern”.

As he searched about it, he found that it was a tribal costume of Khampa people in Tibet.


He suddenly took into his head to go there, and he was actually in Tibet three days later.

The sight that was exactly like he saw on the picture, spread in front of him. Even children are beautifully dressed.

Yamamoto thought “This must be the world best region as far as dressing up.”


Given huge stimulation, Yamamoto bought many materials of the costume.

Amazingly, a mountain coral for necklace was 100,000 yen (about US$1000) per bead, but local people owned several beads.

Yamamoto wondered why they didn’t seem rich but have the beads so many.

When you see their life style, it seems there is not so much leisure and nomads may not be related with real estate so much.

That is why; they may spend the most of their money on their costumes, Yamamoto presumed.

Everyone dressing up adds to the gaiety of the region.

Yamamoto understood that dressing up is a way to share beauty.


Yamamoto’s word

“I tried the costume. It’s too heavy to wear more than two hours for me, but they can move without problem with this weight. I truly understood the power of beauty.”


The NIKKEI Oct/2/2009  by Kansai Yamamoto (designer and producer)



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