[FREE GIFT] Japanese Cotton Scarves and Mufflers for 6 Winners!


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Following to the Japanese candle, this is the FREE GIFT part 2!

This time, I will give away Japanese scarves and mufflers!


Japanese scarf Japanese scarf
Japanese scarf Japanese scarf



Japanese scarf

image photo



First of all, I want to talk about the scarves.

They are gauze style scarves hand tie-dyed with vegetable.

Each one dyed with wax myrtle (yellow), onion (green), madder (orange), or suou (pink), and all made in Japan.


Adding to the four scarves, I will give away 2 mufflers!


Japanese muffler Japanese muffler


These are loosely lattice woven mufflers with soft smooth texture.

Each one is dyed with vegetable (madder (purple) or suou (pink)) and of course, made in Japan!

They are made of 100 % cotton, so I think you don’t need to worry about allergy.

Since all of them are cute, please take a chance and apply!

It will be wonderful gift for someone special to you!


The conditions to apply for it are the same as the last time.

Please understand that you can not choose which scarf/ muffler, or color you get.


Please apply only if you can agree on the conditions below.

There are two conditions.

1: The winner has to email me his/her review after using it with pictures. The review and pictures may be shared on JAPAN Style or my eBay store.

2: Please refrain from applying from Japan. Only people who live in other countries can apply.

The deadline for application is May 23, Sunday.

I will announce the winners in this blog on May 26!
(The winners’ full names will be announced, if you wish to use a nickname, please request so.)

Apply from the link below!

Japanese Scarves & Mufflers FREE GIFT!

Subject “Free Scarf/Muffler Application” and write following items in the message column.





Message: If you have opinion on JAPAN Style (^_^).



I expect people from different countries, so please don’t hesitate 😉


This is JAPAN Style!


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