New Way of Eating Cup Ramen

Although there are a wide variety of cup ramen to choose from, some ramen lovers can’t get satisfied enough with the usual way of eating ramen. This ramen lover invented a new way to enjoy cup ramen, and since he shared it on 2 channel (Japanese biggest internet forum), it caught many users’ attentions.

To explain it simply, it is soupless ramen with egg yolk. It only works with the ones that the noodle and the soup base are separated. For this trick, you can’t use the ramen that the noodle and soup are already combined like Nissin Cup Noodle.


(Illustrations are from the 2 channel thread. )


1: Open the lid a little and take the soup and seasoning pouches out. (Don’t open the lid completely!)

2: Add dried vegetable and boiling water into the cup. And let it soak for the recommended time minus 1 minute. (If it says 5 minute, it will be 4 minute)

3: While waiting, make holes on the lid with a skewer or fork to drain later.

4: Drain water through the holes but leave a little water so the soup base can dissolve well.

5: Remove the lid and add 3/4 of the soup base. If you add the whole package, it will be too salty.

6: Add other seasonings and egg yolk.

7: Enjoy!


(Photo from the 2 channel thread.)


It doesn’t sound bad because there is actually a type of ramen without soup in Japan, it is called “abura soba.”


soupless ramen

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This is JAPAN Style!