Experimental Food Combinations!!

Have you ever experienced when you eat two different foods together and taste like another food?

In Japan there are some popular combinations to make different food.

1. Cucumber + Honey = Melon
According to the challengers
“It’s just sweet cucumber.”
“Peel skin. It tastes better that way.”
“After-taste is kind of melon.”

2. Pudding (flan)* + Soy sauce = Sea Urchin
According to the challengers
“It DOES taste like sea urchin!”
“With sea weed, it tastes like sushi.”
“It’s more like egg-tofu with soy sauce.”

*This type of pudding (flan).



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3. Avocado + Soy Sauce = Fatty Tuna
According to the challengers
“Delicious! With sea weed, tastes like sushi bowl.”
“I get the feel of fatty tuna from it.”
“The creaminess of the avocado is similar to that of fatty tuna.”

4. Strong Barley Tea + Milk + Sugar = Coffee Milk
According to the challengers
“Coffee Milk without caffeine! It’s good.”
“Taste thin but it’s ok.”
“I don’t like it but kids love it.”

Did these make you want to try?

If you have bizarre but delicious combination, please tell me!!


This is JAPAN Style!


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