Wasabi Stories vol.99: “Move by reading what’s going to happen next”


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“Move by reading what’s going to happen next”

Today’s story teller is a golfer Fumiko Muraguchi.

She talked about when she was at the first year at her high school.

During a summer vacation, she started a part time job at a ramen restaurant, which was so busy and popular restaurant that people always line up in front of it.

It was about 20 years ago, so she forgot the name of the manager but she clearly remembers how the work was there.


The manager was so pumped up and worked so efficiently while screaming “you stupid!” or “idiot!”.

Holding trays, Muraguchi ran around the restaurant.

She said whenever the manager found her doing slow, he yelled at her, and moreover, because she had to stand the whole time, it was really hard.

She only earned 500 yen (approx. US$5) per hour at that time.

She deeply felt that making money by one own is really hard.

Although the work was tough, she never thought that the manager was scary.


“You are the only one who didn’t cry.” The manager told her later.


Thanks to the part time job, she learned how to be patient and the toughness of the world.

Muraguchi said that the lesson she learned from the manager has been utilized in her life since she aimed to be a professional golfer.


“The manager told me to ‘read the flow of work and move by seeing what’s going on ahead’ .”


To challenge a golf game in the best condition, it’s important to “read ahead”.

Arrangement of hotels and delivery service seems to be nothing to do with golf but it’s very important.


She said at the end of the story,

“I still watch how waiters move at restaurants.”


The NIKKEI Sep/15/2009  by Fumiko Muraguchi (professional golfer)



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