Japanese New Accessory: Look Cute with False Double Teeth?

Double teeth has a negative image overseas -for example, an image of vampire-, so double teeth can often be straighten. An article I would like to introduce today is about a Japanese trend, which goes completely opposite to such overseas trend; false double teeth.

Orthodontics has been penetrating Japan, and it’s not too rare to see children with bridge on their teeth anymore.  As straightening your teeth gets more popular in Japan, “double teeth”, which used to be one of major Japanese synonymous with cuteness, gradually decreases its number… well, maybe not!  Actually, “false double teeth” is becoming very popular among young Japanese girls now.

According to the article, this trend started when a member of a Japanese idol group became very popular for her charming double teeth.  And many girls who want to be like her enjoy wearing false double teeth just like wearing false eyelash.  Nowadays, such girls with double teeth are even specifically categorised as ‘yaeba girl (double teeth girl)’ or ‘yae-ga’!

Haha, interesting!  Here are some photos of false double teeth.


false teeth false teeth_02


As far as I see in these pictures, they look so natural as if it they were original:-)


Now, the article explains that these false teeth are all tailor-made artificial teeth, and can be easily wore with some agent like a denture stabilizer without damaging your teeth at all.  Some use them as it simply looks cute, but there are some users who have double teeth at just one side, and want to make it symmetric.

Ah, this might actually be a pretty new viewpoint.

Also, some even enjoy wearing double teeth with special Swarovski decoration to make you look like you are having your teeth pierced as well as vampire teeth which can be used for cos-play.

Well, it a bit sounds like Japanese fashion trend doesn’t know when to stop…  But it may be a bit of fun to enjoy wearing false double teeth and keeping your nice and straight teeth at the same time♪

How do you find today’s article?

I think there must be people believe the idea of having false double teeth sounds just so wrong!  I will be looking forward to hearing opinions from pros and cons.


Source: web R25

Photo: http://www.takagi-ds.com/tds/tukeyaeba.html


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