How to use a Furoshiki as a Bag

Furoshiki is traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used to wrap gift, as a eco bag or a tapestry.

Today, I want to share the way to use it as a bag.

You don’t need needle and thread; you can make a bag by tying the corners of it.


<How to make a bag with a furoshiki -Part 1>


Spread a furoshiki. 60 cm or larger one is better to use as a bag.


Tie two corners next each other (A and B).


The other corners (C and D) too. Now you have two knots.


Slip the C and D knot into the A and B loop.



There are various materials used for furoshiki, but whatever the material is, they are usually soft and strong enough to carry things.

Furoshiki is not bulky and can be very useful, so you should carry one with you all the time!


Source: Wagaraga


This is the JAPAN Style!



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