Human Musical Instrument

I found an interesting upcoming product called “ningen gakki”. In Japanese, ningen means “human”, and gakki is “musical instrument”. Speaking of human musical instruments, you may think of people who can make their voices sound like musical instruments. But this product is made for the body.


The white and pale blue human shaped object in this photo is “ningen gakki”.


With your friends, touch ningen gakki’s hands and feet, then you all touch each other’s bodies. This action causes ningen gakki to produce various kinds of sounds! It’s as if your body parts themselves become musical instruments. Seeing is believing! Let’s check out the video (TV CM).




See? It’s great, isn’t it? This will come on the market in June. ¥3,360 (US$40). I would like to have one (^^)!


Source: TOMY Company, Ltd.



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