Funny Japanese Sushi Delivery TV Commercials

delivery sushi

"David Z." some rights reserved. flickr


The TV commercials of a popular Japanese sushi delivery chain Gin no Sara always make viewers laugh. Their CM videos are so hilarious! Some of them won awards.

The CM presented in 2009 was like a game-show, where people run toward sushi of an expensive Sushi restaurant in Ginza over Gin no Sara sushi but they are obstructed by traps such as pitfall, fishnet, and bomb. This CM won Bronze Award in Busan International Advertising Festival.



In 2010, they won another award with a new and bizarre CM, which is titled “Encounter.” A man and a woman pour paint over themselves and portray a tuna sushi. It won Bronze Award in TVCM category in 2010 50th ACC CM FESTIVAL.



Lastly, this is another Gin no Sara CM, “Have Eyes for Good Ingredients” version. A dog barks at a couple in a back street, so the woman tries to scare the dog. Her last resort was to show her bare face to the dog…



This is JAPAN Style!