“SWITL”Transfers Semi-liquid Mixture without Losing Shape

“SWITL” is an amazing handy machine that picks and puts semi-liquid mixture and gel without losing its shape.



According to Furukawakikou Co., Ltd, the company that invented the machine, it is the world first “gel transferring machine.”

The machine’s demonstration video was posted on Youtube, and it shows how SWITL picks and puts mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup. To compare, it also shows what happens when you try to pick the mixture with a thin metal board.



Check this out!



You can see that SWITL even picks thin layer of grease.

This machine became a topical among Japanese Twitter uses, who say “Wow! This is awesome!” “It’s like a magic!” “It is cool but how do they apply it?”

The company invented the machine to meet the demands of a bakery factory which wants to automate its hand process. Not only in the food industry, but the technology can be also applied in various fields.


Source: SWITL Website (Japanese)


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