Big Surprise in Mini-bar of The Ritz-Carlton Osaka!?

When you stay at upscale hotel in Japan, you find a mini-bar (small refrigerator) in a room.

It’s no difference from hotels in your countries but what interesting is the content.

Ritz-Carlton Osaka

This is a fridge from The Ritz-Carlton Osaka.

As you can see, various drinks are prepared, and there is a big surprise about these drinks.

Let’s look at the menu.

Ritz-Carlton Osaka

That’s right! The prices are the king class!

Coca-Cola can be bought at 120yen (US$1.33) from a vending machine but it’s 600yen ($6.66) at Ritz!

By the way, the left brown can-bottle is an energy drink.

Ritz-Carlton Osaka

Ritz-Carlton Osaka


On the shelf, there is a Champagne amazingly priced 9,000 yen (US$99.94)!!

That’s the up-scale hotel (^_^)

参考:Daily Portal Z

This is JAPAN Style!


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