Wasabi Stories vol.66: “Variety of Today’s Japanese Children’s Names”


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“Variety of Today’s Japanese Children’s Names”

Today’s story teller is a writer, [W:Ira Ishida].

In the article, he wrote his opinion on how today’s parents name their children.

One time, at the interview from a parenting magazine, he was asked what he thinks of the children’s names today.

The interviewer handed him a list of the names, which were too weird to him. For example,


Child's Name


Ishida’s word

“It’s like a duel of wits, full of sloppy phonetic equivalents. Why such difficult name to read has increased? Their names are like ‘no way’ but children are not snack bars in countryside.”


The parents should’ve considered well to name their children but to Ishida, the parents seem to treat their children as if they were toys.


“You’d better not proudly give the kanji you never written in your life to your child. That’s bad taste.”


What he thinks of a good name is something that anyone can read, not offensive and slightly fancy name.

“Slightly” is the key point.

It shouldn’t be too much because the child will be called with the name numerous times in his/her life.

He feels sorry for the children who were given an offensive name, weird phonetic equivalent or a brand name.


“If our world is too free, individuals must limit the freedom. […] Those who are going to name your children, there’re great deal of responsibilities on you. Remember, show your sense and originality moderately.”


R25 Jul/16/2009 by Ira Ishida


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