Cute! Japanese Smiling Car

Cars are sometimes cartoonized in films and anime, but what if it becomes real?

Well, there is a possibility! Nissan, Hara Design Institute, and Roica (Asahi Kasei Fibers Corporation) experimentally made a model of “Smiling Car.”



The base is Nissan’s CUBE, and it is covered with super-stretch-fabric Roica by Asahi Kasei.

With animatronics technology, the car front changes expressions by dimpling and moving the corners of the mouth. Here is the video of it.



While there are some cold opinions saying “what’s the point?,” many viewer left positive comments like “cute,” “I want it,” and “interesting.”

Can you imagine? If this kind of car were mass produced and the cute faces were everywhere in town, drivers would be less crazy and give way to others on the road. But you’ll get attached to it and it is going to be heartbreaking when it has to be scrapped.


This is JAPAN Style!