The Medals of Honor – Hosho


Today, the Government of Japan issue Medals of Honor (Hosho) to 677 individuals and 20 groups for their achievement in various fields.

Starting in 1882, the Medals of Honor are now issued twice a year, on April 29 and November 3.

There are six different colors of ribbons; red, green, yellow, purple, blue and dark blue.

But the medals are designed same; the word “Hosho” in the center and it’s surrounded by cherry blossoms.

This spring’s famous recipients in art and culture division are a Japanese enka singer, [W:Harumi Miyako], and a manga writer Ryohei Saigan.


Miyako has been singing 47 years as a professional singer.

Receiving the medal, she expressed how she was filled with surprise and joy, she said “I am glad that I have continued singing.”

Enka is a Japanese traditional style songs.

The video below is “Chiisana Haru (A little Spring)” by Harumi Miyako.




Ryohei Saigan’s “San-Chome no Yuhi (Eng Title: Sunset on Third Street)” was adapted to two films and they made huge success in Japanese film industry.

It’s a human drama set in Shitamachi area, Tokyo in 1958.


This is a trailer of the film but no English sub. Sorry.




And it’s a Chinese version of a poster of the film.


ALWAYS 三丁目の夕日 中国版
ALWAYS 三丁目の夕日 中国版 posted by (C)だって犬が好き



This is the JAPAN Style!



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