Wasabi Stories vol.85: “Making Living by Doing Something You like is Great”


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“Making Living by Doing Something You like is Great”

Today’s story teller is a mystery writer, Shusuke Michio, who is in his mid-thirty.

In the article he told that he loves to write novels so much that he writes what he wants to read rather than to sell; like he is self-sufficient in novels.


“It’s like I am having fun with others’ money. Even if my books are selling poor and I can’t make my living in the future, I won’t change this lifestyle.”


What made him think like that was an experience he had when he was young.

When he was young, Michio was traveling by motorbike, but suddenly, the engine went wrong and stopped completely, so called a repairman.

Later, tall and pretty handsome repairman came to fix the motorbike. He was in late-twenty.

At that time, Michio was just started thinking about his future, so he asked the repairman, “is it fun to deal with motorbikes?” while watching him fixing the motorbike.


The repairman said,

“Yeah, it’s fun. It’s like having fun with others’ money. The salary is cheap though. But I’m gonna continue this job. Even though I have no money, making living by having fun is the best, isn’t it?”


Listening to the repairman’s words, Michio decided two things in his mind.

“One, I will have fun with others’ money in the future. Two, don’t think so hard on anything. ”


Michio concluded the article saying that he is not tall or handsome like the repairman at all, but after years from he made the two decisions, he somehow got the lifestyle “to have fun with others’ money” like the repairman.


The NIKKEI Aug/21/2009  by Shusuke Michio (mystery writer)


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