Knockman – Japanese Nonsense but Adorable Toys


Early this year, I introduced “Todpole Shaped Digital Musical Instrument, Otamatone” by Maywa Denki

I just found that the tadpole has cousins, “Knock-Man family” !!!

They are wind-up type percussion instruments.



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In the video below, the president Tosa at Maywa Denki shows one of the Knock-man family.



It’s used by MTV for mini clips, and you can see them from the knock-Man official website.

If you want to make your original music toy, this video may be helpful.


It’s an instruction video to make “Robo Gakki (Robot Music Instrument)” by chairperson of the Maywa Denki.




He is making it with a can (potato chips’ can) and a gear mortar for battery powered plastic model race car.

It’s nonsense but fun huh?

This is JAPAN Style!


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