[Special Report] Zero Yen Shop in Tokyo Afterward…

Previously, JAPAN Style introduced the Zero Yen Shop that sells secondhand clothes in Tokyo, which I had been curious to visit, and last Saturday, I actually went to the store!

If you haven’t read the previous article about the store, please read it first.


It was easy to find the store. I went in and said hi to the owner.


0 yen shop
The secondhand clothes inside of the store.



The owner was very pleased to hear that I was really impressed by his bold forefront project and introduced about it on JAPAN Style.


0 yen shop
The red glasses features him.



0 yen shop
The back side of his baseball jacket is funny.


Following is the conversation of me and the owner.


—Does Zero Yen project have huge public response?

“I got lot of interviews from magazines and TVs but not so much responses. The project was ReTweeted on Twitter but it was just a momentary thing. It didn’t affect on my bussines. As a matter of fact, I am not on Zero Yen project right now.”

—The reality is tough… Since “Free” business is now in fashion, if you structure the business model, you may succeed?

“I don’t like doing business to begin with. So I am not interested in making business model, I think enterprises should to it. I just wish that the local shopping district to get busier by me doing zero yen project.”

—Do you sell secondhand clothes at this store only?

“Yes, I don’t do internet sales. To be honest, my living is tough now.”

—Personally, I don’t buy secondhand clothes but I think that they would be sold well now because of depression.

“That’s not true. The reason is because there are cheap clothing stores around now, like UNIQLO. The designs are cool too. People don’t buy secondhand clothes when they can buy cheap new clothes.”

—Can I see a treasurable item if any?


This sweater has UNIQLO’s logo but it’s actually hand made by the owner!
He went to UNIQLO in this sweater and made shop assistants angry by asking
what they think of it LOL.


This is Marlboro designed shirt (?).


He embroidered the URL too! Awesome work!


The actual Marlboro.


0 yen shop
By the way, I liked this cash register. It’s tasteful and cool.


0 yen shop, cat

The mascot cat of the store, Ran-chan.
She was scratched all over losing fight with another cat (^_^)



While I was interviewing him, I saw some customers came in and an older lady bought some clothes there.

The owner said if he doesn’t come up with a business model that works, he can’t make his own living.

If you have idea for him to make his living by selling secondhand clothes, please contact me and save him please!!!



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