Pilot Namiki Capless DECIMO Fountain Pen FCT-15SR-PW

 pilot namiki capless DECIMO FCT-15SR-PW


The fountain pen “Cap-less” is the first knocking fountain pen in the world developed and made by Pilot Co. And since its first sale in 1963, it has been a long-selling product for over 50 years.

It enables quick writing like a knocking ball pen with one knock and when hiding the pen nib, the shutter with high air-tightness protects ink from leaking and drying. Creative ideas and high functionality make the pen highly popular not only in Japan, but also overseas.


pilot namiki capless DECIMO FCT-15SR-PW

pilot namiki capless DECIMO FCT-15SR-PW


* Pen nib: M 18 gold
* Pen holder: Aluminum, painted
* Head, clip: stainless, special steel, coated with rhodium


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