Let’s Draw the Rest of the Picture of a Stamp!

Let me tell you about stamps today.

This is a blog post from my favorite entertainment site.


japanese stamp

This blogger enjoys adding extra pictures on envelopes when he sends letters.
For example, when he uses a stamp with a portrait, he usually draws a cal-out.
In this picture, it says in the call-out: “I have enclosed a billing statement.”
So it means it is an envelope with a billing statement enclosed in it.


japanese stamp

And the blogger took out a 80 yen stamp out of his stamp box at home
and he drew the rest of the picture of the stamp on an envelope.
The picture of the stamp is a bird perching on a twig.


japanese stamp

And this is his art work on an envelope for sending billing statements to his client every month.
It makes you feel like you are in the forest.


japanese stamp

These are the enlarged pictures of the envelope.
The drawing is connected to the stamp’s picture to organize the whole picture.


japanese stamp

And this person is the client who received the envelope.
He says, “Very surprised!”  😯
It arrived to the client with postmark stamped on it just like ordinary letters.



It is brilliant! I was very impressed for the first time in ages. ^_^

Isn’t it an interesting idea to draw the rest of the picture of stamps?

The call-out saying; “I have enclosed the billing statement” is nice!

I will do it next time I send a letter. Why don’t you do it, too?


Source: Daily Portal Z



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