Wasabi Stories vol.245: “Everyone Has an Evil Side”

coffee breakToday’s story-teller is screenwriter Yumiko Inoue.

She has written popular TV dramas such as ‘Mother of a 14 year old child’ and ‘Pandora’. Her story is about her mentor whom she met when she was a screenwriting school.

Firstly, she introduces an episode from her childhood. She used to like watching serial dramas when she was a child.

The reason why she liked serial dramas was because there is something to wait the week after. She felt great to have something wonderful the week after.

Inoue spent sometime in hospital for getting a heart surgery when she was 10. She watched some TV series with some other kids who were in hospital but among these kids, some of them did not last till they finish watching the end of the series.

Thus, she experienced seeing a kid next to her bed passing away out of blue. For having such an experience, Inoue came to think that it is wonderful to expect to be alive the week after.

Years pass, Inoue wished to be involved in TV industry, she got a job at a TV station. But what she got was an office job. She wanted to be involved in producing serial dramas, so she quit her job and started going to a screenwriting school.

At the school, she met Hisashi Yamanouchi, a teacher (experienced screenwriter) of the school who became her mentor. Yamanouchi said to her, ‘Write a moment that makes a human become a devil.’ She never forgets those words.


Then, what is it?


Back then, she thought it is a mental attitude required to describe a mind of a killer. However, as time went on, she realized it was not such a simple thing.

You might be able to take the family of the victim as a devil. And a regular housewife could feel a sudden temptation to run away, kill the neighbor, and so forth.

So, not only in a dramatic scene, but in a normal life, a normal person can turn into a devil…

Inoue realized about it lately and as she has more experience, she feels deeper meaning of the words.

So, it was a story that Inoue introduced the importance of creating a character of a drama by introducing the words of her mentor.


The NIKKEI 11/19/2010 by Yumiko Inoue (screenwriter)


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