Culture Shock We Encounter Abroad

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I guess many foreign people experience culture shock when visiting Japan. According to an online survey, Japanese people also have the same kind of experience when we visit other countries.


Many Japanese people seem bewildered by unfamiliar foreign style toilets and bathroom situations (195 votes /22.3%).

– In Taiwan people don’t flush toilet paper. They dump it into a dust box. / 27 yr-old woman

– In Sri Lanka there was no toilet paper. People clean up with water from a hose. / 59 yr-old man

– In South Africa many bathrooms feature big windows, so people on both sides of the glass can see everything… / 24 yr-old woman

– In America toilet stall doors sometimes have very wide gaps, so I was worried about being seen from the other side. / 23 yr-old woman

– In China no doors in the bathroom. There were just holes on the floor and water running underneith. / 38 yr-old woman


Secondly, people seem to be struck by the differences in food/drink (62votes/7.1%).

– In America milk is sold in a gallon(3.785 litters) container. (It’s sold in 1litter pack in Japan). / 25 yr-old woman

– In Germany beer was cheaper than water. / 24 yr-old man

– In Thailand I saw people mixing black tea and instant coffee. / 31 yr-old woman

– In China I found some mold floating on the surface of my drink, and I told a waiter. He said, “you won’t die from that kind of mold.” / 27 yr-old man


The third instance in which Japanese people feel culture shock is when dealing with foreign transportation. (31 votes / 3.5%)

– In France, people routinely hit other cars when they attempt to parallel park. / 30 yr-old man

– In Spain, trains are often delayed (more than 1hr) without any announcement or explanation. / 28 yr-old man

– In many south east Asian countries, three or four people ride on one motorbike. They don’t even wear helmets… /29 yr-old woman

– In Germany, a train engineer hopped off the locomotive and went to a bakery nearby the station to get some bread.

– In Sydney, I saw an office worker in a suit wearing beach sandales (on his way to work). / 24 yr-old woman


I think it depends on the areas they’ve visited, but still these experiences sound very surprising!


Source: My Navi News


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