The Beacon for Japan’s Revival

After the disaster, a photographer wondered to himself; “What can I do for the disaster relief?” The answer was not easy. He kept asking himself again and again. He thought himself too helpless, but couldn’t give up. And one day, he met the people who had the same feeling, and they launched a project called “The Beacon for Revival”.

Thirteen photos of victims with rubble and wreckage as a backdrop are released on the internet. Each photo comes with a powerful and impressive message. The project members made the photos into posters, and will post them in Iwate prefecture.

Today, I would like to share some of them. Please do feel their determination.


“We do make our town better than before.”


“Nothing can break our hearts.”


“Now we know unity makes strength.”


“Even from dust and mud we make good memories.”


“We do our best so that the next generations can be proud of us.”




This is JAPAN Style!