Delicious and Cheap Eatery in Akihabara, “Kanda Shokudo”

“Kanda Shokudo” is an old diner established fifty years ago in Akihabara, an electric town of Tokyo. The diner has served large portions since the time when the most of its customers were physical labors, and has barely changed the price since it opened!

Although it is a small old diner, it is popular among local people and tourists even from overseas. It is not just because of the portion and price, but because the dishes are so good! There are over 35 meals on the menu. The number one dish is “buta-shogayaki-teishoku,” which is ginger-fried pork set meal. The following video shows the diner and the pork meal.



Here are some set meals in the menu (Teishoku means set menu with rice and miso soup.) The price includes rice and miso soup but you can order the dish only at cheaper price.

Buta-shogayaki Teishoku (Ginger-fried Pork) 730 yen

Katsu-tamagotoji Teishoku (Deep-fried Pork Cutlet with Egg) 730 yen

Maguro-butsugiri Teishoku (Chunky Sashimi Tuna) 760 yen

Niku-yasai-itame Teishoku (Meat and Vegetable Stir-fry) 730 yen

Gyu-karubi Teishoku (Marinated Beef (Kalbi)) 730 yen

Goya Chanpuru (Okinawan bittermelon with egg) 830 yen

Nira-reba Teishoku (Chinese Chive and Liver) 730 yen

Tori-karaage Teishoku (Japanese style Fried Chicken) 730 yen

Tonkatsu Teishoku (Deep-fried Pork Cutlet) 760 yen

Menchi Teishoku (Fried Meat Cake) 630 yen

Korokke Teishoku (Croquette Teishoku) 630 yen

Hamu-eggu (Ham and Egg) 580 yen


In the Grilled Fish Teishoku menu, there are saba (mackerel (630 yen)), sanma (saury (630 yen)), shio-sake (salted salmon (630 yen)), iwashi (sardine (580 yen)), hokke (Arabesque greenling (730 yen)), and akodai (Matsubara’s red rockfish (730 yen)).

Katsu Don (Deep-fried Pork Cutlet on Rice) 680 yen

Menchi Don (Fried Meat Cake on Rice) 680 yen

Gyu-karubi Don (Marinated Beef on Rice) 680 yen

Nasu-miso Don (Eggplant and Vegetable Stir-fry with Miso) 680 yen

Kare-raisu (Curry and Rice) 520 yen

Katsu Kare (Curry with Deep-fried pork cutlet and Rice) 750 yen

Menchi Kare (Curry with Fried Meat Cake and Rice) 750 yen

Korokke Kare (Curry with Croquette and Rice) 680 yen

Note: The menu was displayed February 2011. Currently, 100 yen = US$1.21


“Kanda Shokudo’s Menu Board”

foods menu

"yuiseki" some rights reserved. flickr


“Teishoku at Kanda Shokudo”

foods menu

"yuiseki" some rights reserved. flickr


From the left, mackerel with miso sauce, mabo-dofu (tofu in a spicy meat sauce), and katsu curry. The diner sometimes serve different dishes as today’s special.


This is JAPAN Style!