Unique Barbershop : Kitchen Knife Haircut

Barbers (and everybody else) usually use scissors to cut hair. However, the barber I will introduce today uses a kitchen knife instead of scissors!! That’s amazing, isn’t it!?


He is the barber holding the kitchen knife.
Wow! What a big knife (*o*)!


This is today’s challenger.
He’s going to have a kitchen knife haircut.


“Hi! Welcome to my shop.
What kind of hairstyle would you like today (^^)?”


“Kitchen knife hair cut ¥7,875 (US$99)”
Kind of expensive, I think….^^;;


“Would you like your hair cut with a kitchen knife? (^^)”


“Yeeesss, please…..”


He starts cutting the challenger’s hair, just like using razor.
Let’s see how it goes!

This barber attended a party twenty years ago, and a long haired guy was there. The barber came up with the idea of  giving the long haired partygoer a haircut with a knife from the kitchen at the party (and he actually did cut the guy’s hair). That was the beginning of  the “kitchen knife haircut”.


Ta-da! It’s quite well done, isn’t it? Kind of amazing!!


The barbershop has a menu called “U.F.O haircut”.


The haircut requires this device.
Seven vacuum cleaner tubes are connected to it!


The barber cut customer’s hair while it’s vacuumed upwards!


There is another funny menu item called the “fencing haircut”.


With a razor and a comb attached to foils,


He cuts customers’ hair like this. Just unbelievable!


I think this stylist is a man of ideas, and worthy of respect! So, which cut would you prefer (^^)?


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!