Fantastic Water Screen Illumination in Odaiba, Tokyo



Uminohoshi. (C) Odaiba Water Illumination Committee

Odaiba Water Illumination Committee presents “Uminohoshi (The Star of the Sea)” is held at Odaiba Kaihin Park in Minato-ku, Tokyo from March 20 to April 11.


This water illumination is a 10 minutes show that is combined the water screen formed from gushed sea water out of a special nozzle, with the fountain that spouts water off freely to the music and laser projecting.

The 40 meters by 15 meters screen displays the nature along with beautiful music.

It’s called “illumination” but it actually features the water screen projection.

The screen is like mist, and the pictures projected on it look very clear and beautiful against the Tokyo night view.


You can see the “Uminohoshi” in this video. Enjoy!




This is JAPAN Style!


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