Funny Foods on Recipe Community Site

The three videos below show “funny foods” that are on COOKPAD, the largest recipe sharing site in Japan having 10.7million monthly active members. They can share their recipes and also can leave comments and pictures on other members’ recipes after trying them. Recipes can be searched by ingredients and popularity. Very useful website and most dishes sound and look delicious!

But…  there are some odd foods slipped into the recipes. For example,


“Pikachu Cake” The eyes are dead.



“Poodle Rice Ball” and “Seals(sausage) Floating Soup” Cute but how do you eat the rice ball?



“Playing Cards Like Cookies” and “Weird Old Guy Rice Ball”  The cards are beautiful!  The rice ball? I lost my appetite.



“Japanese Clown Curry” and “Watermelon Bread” The look good actually.



“Buddha Toast and Mashed Vegetable Sculptures” Leaning art history through cooking is not bad.



“Funny Face Bread” It’s gonna be smiling even when it is eaten.



In the videos there are more odd foods including purple soup and character bentos.


Part 1  (To turn off the comments, click speech balloon next to the volume control.)


Part 2


Part 3


Link: COOKPAD Website


This is JAPAN Style!