FREE!? Amazing Zero Yen Shop Appeared in Tokyo

Recently, I read a business strategy book, “FREE” written by Chris Anderson, which made an impact on me.


free book


This thick book tells how to make money for free by showing examples.

Right after I finished reading the book, I found a blog article relating to what I read!

Unbelievably, a second hand clothing store in Tokyo started selling their clothes for free.


free shop

The store displays a big sign saying “Zero yen!”


The writer of the article interviewed with the owner.

Following is the interview.


—–Interview Starts Here—


– What made you start to sell them for free?

– “I never really like business. My friends buy stuff at my second hand store for just being polite, but I don’t like that. I want to make good friendship without stakes, you know? But doing business can’t make that happen.”

 free shop

There are lots of clothes in good condition. Some are brand-new.


free shoes

The most of the shoes are in good condition too.
If you find your size shoes, you are lucky.


– What can you make money by selling for zero yen?

– “Doesn’t it sound fun?”

– It does, but you have to eat.

– “I get free food. I got this bread from a neighbor lady too. But I realized that I have to pay for rent, so I started to accept tips.”


free shop

It seems he is accepting tips.


– Looks like everyone leaves tip. They may feel more comfortable to pay some rather than taking for free.

– “I really want to set at zero yen. If I had enough money for my living and the rent for this store, I could do that. Anyway, the fulfillment is so different. Customers ask me ‘why are you doing such thing?’ and that starts conversation with them more often.”


– It’s usual to wonder what you are doing.

– “I ask them ‘isn’t it more fun?’ and they say ‘sure’ and some times like ‘I will bring some clothes next time.’”


– It’s kind of like music industry.

– “If we could watch the videos of new songs online, we lose the motivations to buy the CDs.”


– But young musicians usually have steady job besides music and play music as hobby. They don’t try to live by music itself.


free shop

The store’s star cat, Ran-chan.


– By the way, how long are you going to continue this zero yen business?

– “I was going to finish at the end of February but I will do it till mid March because it’s fun. I wish I could do it longer but my rent…”


– What about charging for only what you think worth and others are free?

– “In the future, I am going to do like I charge only for the stuff on this rack. Like online shops where they provide 95% of stuff free and charge for 5% of stuff. That’s how they manage the businesses.”
“And it’ll be interesting if someone else follows my style. …Since I came here so far, I want to open a zero yen restaurant. I am sure no one will speak ill of me. I think when people get free food from someone, they will say ‘he’s a nice guy!’ , though it doesn’t work like that with clothes. ”

– I see.

– “As well as clothes, I think there are extra food that I can get free, like some people might have extra food from their farmer parents’ house or something. I wonder whether it works if I could collect those food.”


– Supplying food here at this store?

– “Yes. Everyone has good time while eating, doesn’t speak ill of someone, and I think people get along. I am so fed up with the people who do business or work, they are gloomy. ‘No money because of the depression.’ That’s all they say.”
“If I just concern my own business and do the second hand store soberly, I can get my living but it’s no fun at all.”
“The only idea that small businesses on a shopping arcade can beat a major supermarket is zero yen. It’s not even dirt cheap but free, you know?”

-(writer)- What He is saying is right and the idea is great… but it seems tough to take action. I guess. Hmmm.


free shop

The owner Mr. Yamashita.
His fashion isn’t easy for the other Japanese to follow.
The pink glasses are cute (^_^)

—–Interview Ends—–


Wow. What an awesome store!


He hasn’t succeeded to systemizing it yet but I think his zero yen shop is really epoch-making.

Because I was really impressed, I will go see the owner some time.

If that happened, I will report the meeting on this blog so please look forward to it!


Reference: Daily Portal Z


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