2011 Popular Hair Styles among Japanese Women

Most young Japanese are particular about their hairstyles; especially women follow the fashion and change hairstyle by seasons.

In the recent years, “medium length with soft curled edge and bang (photo below)” has been the most popular, or I should say, “common” hairstyle among young women.


Photo by Ashinari


By the way, women wearing bangs are seen many here than other countries. I think it is because Japanese women try to make them look cute and innocent.

According to hairstyle websites including Rasysa (link below), the trends of spring and summer 2011 are bob and airy short hair!

For example, these are hairstyles that a hair salon “blue faces” in Omotesando, Tokyo recommends.


“Spring Breeze Kissed Me! Airy Kawaii (cute) Bob”

Image from this YouTube video


“Mushroom-like Top Makes Look Your Face Smaller”

Image from this YouTube video


The silhouettes are similar to hairstyles that were popular about 20 years ago, but latest ones look much lighter.

The options for styling short or bob hair seem to be limited, but using today’s hair products and accessories, more options are available now.


“Braided Bang for Short Hair”


Source: Rasysa.com


This is JAPAN Style!