What a Soother! Japanese iPhone App “bijin-dog”

Do you know bijin-tokei ?


It’s the one with a girl’s picture on the right sidebar on this JAPAN Style page.

When you see it closer, you can see the time on the board that the girl is holding.

It is showing the present time and changes the picture by a minute automatically.

This excellent tool was developed by a Japanese company, which is growing as the bijin-tokei got popular since its release receiving the reviews saying “soothed by just looking at it”.


Last month, they released “bijin-dog” a dog version of bijin-tokei, which is available on iPhone.


bijin dog for iPhone


These dog pictures were taken by a Japanese prominent pet photographer, Yoneo Morita.


Just like the girl’s version, every minute different dog tells you the present time.

When you turn on the clock display, the bijin-tokei shows up and you can put it anywhere you want, and also you can save your favorite “bijin-dog” in your photolibrary.

This “bijin-dog” contains 144 pictures of dogs.

For example, Chihuahua, Miniature Dachshund, Corgi, French bulldog, Boston terrier, Beagle, Cavalier and more!

bijin dog for iPhone bijin dog for iPhone bijin dog iPhone bijin dog for iPhone



They say it works on English version of iPhone, so if you are interested, search “bijin-dog” in applications.

The price is about 5 US dollars.

Reference: bijin-tokei


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