New Collaboration! Shrimp Snack Meets Choc

There are a wide variety of snacks ranging from traditional rice cracker to crisps, but a Japanese shrimp snacks called Kappa-ebisen is one of those well-loved snack regardless of age, gender and area of Japan.


kappa ebisen

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The snack manufacturer has been offering many types of flavoured versions in the past such as french salad , sour plum and spicy mayo, but now they are offering unique collaboration work with sweets; choc coated ebisen!

According to an article, Kappa ebisen has been in the market since 1964, and the snack manufacturer decided to collaborate with a chocolate manufacturer, whose milk choc has been available in the market since the same year, 1964.

Hmn, when choc coated crisps was introduced about 5 years ago, it became a bit of sensation back then; some probably didn’t like it, but a lot of people including me liked it.  I cannot guess whether I’m going to love the shrimp crisps coated by milk chocolate as much as normal shrimp snacks, but I cannot hide the temptation 😛


FYI, the product is on sale for 148 yen (US$1.5) per pack in Kanto region and sales area may be expanded to other area in the future.


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