Kawaii Rilakkuma Omu-rice Recipe!

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As you may know, Rilakkuma is one of the most popular characters in Japan. Today I would like to share a recipe for kawaii Relakkuma omu-rice (=omelette made w/ fried rice) from the “Ochikeron channel” on Youtube.

In this recipe, the cooking part itself is not very complicated, but I guess you have to be a bit dexterous to shape the contours of a Rilakkuma omu-rice dish. This kitchen project may be more like craft-making than cooking 😉


[ Rilakkuma Omu-rice ]

– Difficulty: Patience
– Time: 45min
– Number of servings: 1

50g (1.8oz.) minced onion
2 tbsp. ketchup
1 tbsp. cooking oil

((Blanket & Pillow))
2 eggs
cooking oil

((Yellow Bird etc…))
chicken nugget
black sesame seeds
sliced American cheese
Nori sheet
Oshaburi Kombu (chewing Kombu kelp snack)
cooked broccoli
cherry tomato




By the way, this is very old fashioned Japanese omu-rice with hard cooked eggs and ketchup. Children always love it!


“Nemo’s great uncle” some rights reserved. flickr


And here is modern style omu-rice with half cooked eggs and brown sauce. This is more for adults, and recently it has become quite common on restaurant menus.


"angrydicemoose" some rights reserved. flickr

“angrydicemoose” some rights reserved. flickr


Which one looks good to you? I love them both! 😀

Author: Junko


This is JAPAN Style!