iPad Magic by Salary-Magician


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iPad has really high potential; it is used in a variety of scene, including at a sushi-go-round restaurant. In May 2010, this Japanese magician posted a video of him performing “iPad Magic” on YouTube and met with a lot of response. His name is Shinya Uchida, who is a creator at a major advertising firm. He calls himself as a “salary-magician” because he is a salaryman and magician. (Note: His YouTube username is “salarymagican.”)

In the video, he gives a speech on “Past and Future of Communication” in front of Apple Store in Ginza, Tokyo while performing magic using iPad.


“iPad Magic with English subtitle”


This video won Yahoo! JAPAN Internet Creative Award 2010 Grand Prix and 14th Japan Media Arts Festival Encouragement Prize.

The salary-magician also shows following magic videos.


“iPad Magic – Thanks 3,000,000 View”


“iPad Magic collaborated with SnapCal from Infoteria” In this video, he installs four software into iPad using cards.



This is JAPAN Style!